Under influences
Visual arts and psychotropics
Artistes et psychotropes


Since the dawn of time, or rather of humanity, our fellow men have crossed the path of psychoactive substances, plants, mushrooms and various concoctions. These encounters have led to stupefaction, intoxication, dependence, mystical insights, relief, death, even epiphany. Artists, who are constantly in search of doors to creation, passageways, catalysts, transgressions, stimuli and ways to penetrate figments of the mind, were all but compelled to try out their effects. Leaving moral judgement, socio-judicial standpoints, psychological interpretations and preconceived aesthetic choices aside, the exhibition proposes (necessarily non-exhaustive) examples of the interrelations between creative processes and the use of psychodynamic substances.

Co-edition La maison rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris – Fage Editions
Authors: Antoine de Galbert, Sophie Delpeux, Miguel Egaña, François Letaillieur, Guitemie Maldonado, Antoine Perpère, Frédéric Valabrègue
Published in 2013
French edition
24.0 x 28.0 cm
216 pages, 266 illustrations
ISBN: 9782849752869