DVD Le collectionneur derrière la porte
by Alyssa Verbizh

June 2004: La maison rouge, a foundation devoted to contemporary creation and private collections, opened in Paris. For the inaugural exhibition, Behind Closed Doors: the private life of collections, fourteen giant crates were installed throughout the foundation’s galleries. Each contained a fully-furnished, life-size replica of a room in a collector’s home (including a bedroom, a living room, a toilet, a study and a storage space), complete with the original artworks. In this film, which traces the installation process, four collectors talk about the unique and daily relationship they have with their collection and invite us into their private sphere. Their reflections echo those of writer and psychoanalyst Gérard Wajcman and Antoine de Galbert, founder of La maison rouge.

Production: Mirage illimité – Dominique Belloir, 2004