Voyage dans ma tête
Antoine de Galbert ethnic headdresses collection
La collection de coiffes ethniques d’Antoine de Galbert


Whether originating in Africa or the Pacific, in a remote corner of the Asian steppe or the humid heat of an Amazon rainforest, the four hundred headdresses in Antoine de Galbert’s collection contain an element of the inaccessible and the divine. Instruments of ritual, they border on the supernatural, proclaim the beauty of the ephemeral, and protect against the impenetrable workings of fate. Shown in public for the first time at La maison rouge in 2010, these headdresses submerge us in the unfathomable mysteries of human ingenuity and the poetry of creation.

Co-edition La maison rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris and Fage Editions
Authors: Antoine de Galbert, Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter, Gérard Wajcman
Published in 2010
French edition
19.5 x 25.0 cm
256 pages, 336 illustrations
ISBN: 9782849751947