Thierry Boutonnier
Déjeuner dans l’herbe


The book Déjeuner dans l’herbe is the result of a collaboration between Thierry Boutonnier and the far°, which retraces the artist’s project with the residents of Chemin d’Usteri in Nyon.

During participative workshops with the residents of the site, Thierry Boutonnier sought to artistically produce specific knowledge of their respective gardens, with regard to the fauna and flora on its surface and in its terrestrial depth.

Accompanied by various specialists, they embroidered cotton tablecloths with gold thread and buried them to bioactivate underground life, developed recipes from a collection in the gardens, organised an informative picnic on the gardens…

Déjeuner dans l’herbe relates this process through texts, photos and interviews, and is completed by the writings of Paul Ardenne, Elisabeth Chardon and Joëlle Zask, among others.

Edition Far° (with the support of fondation Antoine de Galbert)
Published in 2023
French edition
12× 16,5 cm
152 pages
ISBN: 978-2-8399-3797-9