Souvenirs de voyage
Antoine de Galbert collection


From the collector’s activity to the imagination of cities, from Anglo-Saxon and Belgian art scenes to Africa, from madness to the “body in pieces”, from zen to ecology, by way of a daydream about the cosmos and the “final journey”, like a “gentle and luxurious therapy”, to use his own words, Antoine de Galbert’s collection sheds light on his fondness for decompartmentalization, while at the same time reflecting his deepest obsessions. Running counter to an at times austere and clinical vision of contemporary art, this collection does not shrink from creating a dialogue between conceptual art and popular cultures, and between the advocates of art brut and emerging artists.

Fage éditions
Authors: Sophie Bernard, Jean-Baptiste Delorme, Didier Semin, Guy Tosatto
Published in 2019
French edition
22 x 28 cm
288 pages
ISBN: 978-2849755679