Jean-Jacques Lebel
by Jean de Loisy


Out of print

The “Uprisings” exhibition at La Maison Rouge in 2009 presents all facets of the work of Jean-Jacques Lebel the artist but also that of Jean-Jacques Lebel the exhibition curator, writer, performer, festival organizer, discoverer, and active smuggler who has been an agitator within French artist circles over the past forty years. More than an exhibition, what we have here is a montrage (a “Show/editing”), to employ the term invented by the artist himself. Lebel offers us a whole “arranged in terms of the connections or caroms among the works—among their contents, not among their commercial values—and this is done in such a way as to encourage movements of thought in all senses of the term.” In other words, this montrage is a unique way of presenting objects that, a priori, have nothing to do with each other, but which “share some common issues and modes of operation that serve to intensify one another.”

Co-edition La maison rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert – Fage Editions
Authors: Jean-Jacques Lebel, Jean de Loisy, Anne Tronche, Bernard Heidsieck, Olivier Kaeppelin, Alain Fleisher, Jean-Louis Schefer, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, Félix Guattari, Haral Falckenberg, Guy Scarpetta
Published in 2009
Bilingual edition (english/french)
16.0 x 22.0 cm
256 pages, 270 illustrations
ISBN: 9782849751794