Michel Thévoz
Les Ecrits bruts, le langage de la rupture
Preface by Jean Dubuffet


Out of print

A reference book on Art Brut in writing, revised and completed, based on the documents collected by Jean Dubuffet and Michel Thévoz at the Collection de l’Art Brut in Lausanne. Behind the walls of the asylum, or in the solitude of their retreat, certain outcasts of our society express themselves in writing, secretly and assiduously. Excluded from social exchange, held to be irresponsible, they speak the language of those who have nothing left to lose, and who no longer have to respect the rules of communication: a language of rupture and intensity, which insolently transgresses the boundary between writing and drawing, and which reveals the reverse side of our culture.

Editions du Canoë (with the support of Fondation Antoine de Galbert)
Published in november 2021
French edition
18,5 x 12 cm
304 pages, 32 ill.
ISBN: 978-2-490251-51-3