Martin Bethenod
Rien de personnel


“Since 2013, I have been sharing photos and other representations of dogs on Instagram at an irregular yet consistent pace. These images, devoid of intention or status, were captured and posted in the moment, without filters or retouching, with only minimal adjustment to square and potentially crop them. None of them required permission and posing was never requested; they were often captured unnoticed. They aren’t sought after, searched for—they evoke no expectations and aren’t meant to be reused in any way. They are not based on any prior observation, subterfuge, or collaboration. Dogs pass by, or simply happen to be there. I photograph them, without showing myself, without approaching, without leaning in, often without aiming. The dogs remain unidentified. Most are unknown to me. Some returned randomly over the years. Humans appear only as silhouettes or fragments—a leg, a back, a hand holding a leash. Sometimes, the backgrounds are recognizable or locatable, sometimes not. The ability of these little characters to evoke and express empathy touches me profoundly. The sequence of our fleeting, unexpected, sometimes forgotten encounters forms the private diary of a decade, in which nothing personal is ever revealed.”

A head of institutions, as well as a publisher, journalist, and exhibition curator, Martin Bethenod has overseen significant organizations, including the Délégation aux Arts plastiques du Ministère de la Culture, FIAC, Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana, and the Bourse de Commerce-Pinault Collection.

Coedition Empire and Fondation Antoine de Galbert
Collection Double Vie
Published in April 2024
English/French edition
11 x 24 cm
Flipbook 384 pages
ISBN: 979-10-95991-37-3