behind closed doors: the private world of collectors


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The inaugural exhibition at la maison rouge is about the relationship between a collector and the works in their collection. Sixteen boxes or “houses” are spread throughout the foundation’s exhibition space. Each contains a life-size replica of a room – perhaps a bedroom, lounge, office or toilet – from sixteen collectors’ homes. The exhibition does not present the collections in their entirety. Instead it seeks to reveal, through fragments of private space, different ways of living with art but also a glimpse of the “daily life” of the works themselves. L’intime prompts questions about the notion of possession or detachment, and about the process of reappropriation that underlies any act of choosing and acquiring an artwork.

Co-edition La maison rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert – Fage Editions
Authors: Gérard Wajcman, Patricia Falguières, Jean-Pierre Criqui, Henry van de Velde
Published in 2004
Bilingual edition (english/french)
16.0 x 22.0 cm
184 pages, 44 illustrations
ISBN: 9782849750100