Le Beau, l’Art Brut et le Marchand — Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch, le passeur du jamais-vu


In the mid-1990s, Jean-Pierre Ritsch-Fisch left the family fur business to set up a gallery in Strasbourg devoted to what Jean Dubuffet called Art Brut. A return to his teenage loves: the world of art and its strong sensations, imposes itself to him. Beginning in the manner of a tale, and then resembling an adventure novel or an investigation, Le Beau, L’Art Brut et le Marchand relates this singular journey.

Editions L’Atelier Contemporain (with the support of Fondation Antoine de Galbert)
Author: Laurent Fassin
Published in October 2022
French edition
16 x 20 cm
400 pages
ISBN: 978-2-85035-100-6