Elika Hedayat


This monographic catalog looks back over the first 15 years of work by Iranian artist Elika Hedayat through more than 110 reproductions. Two of these are in 1:1 scale, and a detailed set compares the dimensions of the works in relation to each other.

In her work, Elika Hedayat often uses testimonies and experimental documentaries set in a dreamlike, imaginary world. Her stories are contemporary and her characters real. Her work as a whole revisits historical references, transferring them to the terrain of personal experience, mainly using the diverse possibilities of her repertoire as a narrative document and a tool for recovering memory. Reality, memory and the imaginary interpenetrate in a personal narrative in different forms: drawings, videos, documentary, painting and performance.

Published for Elika Hedayat’s exhibition “Les Dépossédés” at the Maison des Arts de Malakoff in 2023.

Edition Empire (with the support of Fondation Antoine de Galbert)
Text by Françoise Docquiert. Conversation with Elika Hedayat by Joana P. R. Neves.
Published in september 2023
English/French edition
24 x 33 cm
134 pages + 2 leaflets (65 x 92 cm)
ISBN: 979-10-95991-25-0