Élévations. Tribute to Joseph Ferdinand Cheval
Bruno Decharme and Antoine de Galbert collections


Lifting, raising, elevating… Is creation a way to escape oblivion, a form of rebirth? Élévations – an exhibition staged in 2015 by two collectors, Bruno Decharme and Antoine de Galbert, as a tribute to Joseph Ferdinand Cheval – suggests that it is. Like the visionary postman himself, the artists presented here have invented grand architectures, extravagant physical and mental spaces, mysterious personal geographies. Some hover above imaginary towns, others have invented a place to live for ever more, paving the way towards another world, beyond the reach of time.

Co-edition Lienart éditions and abcd
Authors: Bruno Decharme, Antoine de Galbert, Barbara Safarova
Published in 2015
French edition
22.0 x 22.0 cm
164 pages
ISBN: 978-2-35906-145-1