DVD Voyage dans ma collection
by Alyssa Verbizh


For La maison rouge’s tenth anniversary in 2014, Antoine de Galbert presented a first-time showing of 100 works from his collection. Breaking with convention, these were hung not based on the recommendations of a curator/art historian but randomly, as dictated by a computer program with only the size of each work when framed and its inventory number as data. This behind-the-scenes film documents preparation for the exhibition and the questions such a singular approach raised. From the first meetings to the hanging, it follows Antoine de Galbert and the team at La maison rouge over one year. It is also a between-the-lines portrait of a collector who stands by his choices, regardless of which way the art market wind is blowing.

Produced by Anne Morien, Terra Luna Films
With la maison rouge, Cinaps TV, Vosges Télévision and the support of CNC
VF + english subtitles