Après Eden,
Walther collection
by Simon Njami


This thirteenth exhibition in the privées series presents a selection of more than 800 photographs from The Walther Collection. Over a period of twenty years, Artur Walther (born in Ulm, Germany), has assembled one of the most important collections of photography in the world, remarkable for its international scope, its quality, and its focus on large series by individual artists. Since 2010, The Walther Collection has been on show to the public in two museum spaces, one in Neu-Ulm and one in New York.

For La maison rouge, the curator Simon Njami has conceived an exhibition-cum-fable that offers a broad view of human subjects, based on themes like landscape, portraiture, the city, and alterity, and combining works and photographic practices from different periods and origins that are all linked by a serial approach to the medium.

Co-edition La maison rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Paris – Fage Editions
Authors: Antoine de Galbert, Simon Njami, Artur Walther
Published in 2015
Bilingual edition (english/french)
16.0 x 22.0 cm
256 pages, 459 illustrations
ISBN: 9782849753552