support for teaching


  • Endowment Fund of the Ecole du Louvre
  • Bob Calle artist’s book prize
  • INHA – Student mobility grant
  • Suzanne Martin Vigier PhD student in art history – Grant for a thesis on private devotional objects in France in the 19th century (1830-1890)


Fondation Antoine de Galbert
© Mathilde Ledur / Ecole du Louvre


  • Endowment Fund of the Ecole du Louvre
  • Bob Calle artist’s book prize
  • Beaux Arts de Paris: financing of the design of the reception hut and the prefabricated modular buildings at the entrance of the Beaux Arts de Paris, in the Cour Bonaparte. This creation by two students from Julien Sirjacq’s studio, Théo Pall and Olivier Pérusat (pseudonym Jean Leurre), is intended to make the Beaux-Arts de Paris site more welcoming and to better inform and orient visitors during this period of renovation.
  • Support for research in the Documenta archives in Kassel for the exhibition Exposé-es at the Palais de Tokyo (Scientific advisor: Elisabeth Lebovici)


  • Ecole du Louvre Endowment Fund: funding for two research grants awarded to doctoral students at the Ecole du Louvre, as well as three living grants awarded to undergraduate students at the Ecole du Louvre, selected on the basis of academic and social criteria
  • École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris: funding for the graduates’ catalogue
  • Research grant on modest art in partnership with the MIAM and the INHA: this grant, financed by the foundation, is intended for French and foreign art history researchers wishing to conduct research on “commercial art in the 20th century”, based on the definition given by Raymonde Moulin in the 1970s, and in the context of the modest arts defined by Hervé di Rosa in the 1990s, applying it as broadly as possible to all forms of visual art. The jury selected the application of Jean-Baptiste Carobolante, research project “Artistic and philosophical research on commercial arts”.
  • FILAF (International Book and Film Festival) grant for students


  • Ecole du Louvre: thesis grants, student mobility assistance, and the promotion and diffusion of research on non-European collections (Oceania) in French regional museums.
  • École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
  • Association culturelle des étudiants des beaux-arts de Lyon
  • École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-Cergy
  • Ecole d’art de Guyane


  • Ecole du Louvre: since 2019, Antoine de Galbert Foundation has been a patron of the École du Louvre, as part of its postgraduate development and research activities, awarding three grants to doctoral students: one of these is devoted to international mobility required for thesis work. The quality of the student’s work and the relevance of his travels are examined by the Study and Research Commission, which awards the grant.