musée de Grenoble’s collection

In collaboration with the Musée de Grenoble and its director Guy Tosatto, Antoine de Galbert Foundation acquires works to enrich the museum’s collection and set up a photographic collection.


Antoine de Galbert also participates in the enrichment of public collections in France through donations from his private collection.

Donations in 2020:


Charles Fréger
5 c-print

Eric Baudelaire
Etats Imaginés, 2005
3 c-print
110 x 137 cm

Eric Baudelaire, États imaginés (Antichambre), 2005
Eric Baudelaire, États imaginés (Sanatorium), 2004
Eric Baudelaire, États imaginés (Le chemin sûr), 2005

Donations in 2019:


Paul Strand
Four Veiled Women, 1962
Vintage silver print
19,9 x 25,1 cm

paul strand

Dorothea Lange
Black Maria, Oakland, 1955-1957
Tirage argentique vintage
25,4 x 20,32 cm

dorothea lange

Wiktoria Wojciechowska
Sparks 2014-2016
72 prints
45 x 30 cm

wiktoria wojciechowska

Andriy, 27, astronomy graduate. Picture was taken after he spent 9 months in the war zone, winter 2014/2015.
Wiktoria Wojciechowska, Sparks 2014-2016